Sutro Tower

San Francisco, California

The Sutro Tower Antenna Installation Project

Part 2

The following photos were taken on August 12 from my front yard with a beautiful pink sky at dusk.
The old west mast is gone and they've started to build the new mast.
Here are closer shots of the tower.

The new west mast continues to grow.  This two photos taken from my home show the progress.
This was taken at sunset on August 14.
This was taken at noon on August 16.
The following shots were taken from Twin Peaks on the afternoon of August 16. This is a wide shot taken looking west.  I've identified various points of interest.
A closer shot of the top of the tower
The gin pole hoist cables that I've identified go from the pulley atop the gin pole all the way to the ground.
This shot taken looking north-northwest gives a full view of the new west mast.
This is a close up view looking north-northwest.  The west mast is on the left, the south east mast with the KGO 7 and KBCW 45 antennas is in the center and the old northeast mast, which will be replaced next, is on the right.  The three FM antennas you can see are, left to right, KKSF, KFOG and KOIT.
After several days with the tower hidden by fog, we got this photo on August 21. The installation of the west mast has been completed.  The antennas will be next.
Antenna photos by Warren Holybee, Transmitter Supervisor for KOFY:
The new 64 foot long KOFY 19 antenna is in the foreground, ready to be side mounted on the west mast.  On the right and in the rear are two sections of the new combined KPIX 29-KRON 38-KTVU 44 antenna which will go on top of the west mast.
One half of the KOFY antenna next to one section of the KPIX/KRON/KTVU antenna.
The following photos were taken on August 27. Work has begun on the installation of the antennas on the west mast.
This photo, taken from my living room window, shows a platform hanging on the west mast and, if you look closely, the KOFY 19 antenna.
These photos, taken later from Twin Peaks, give a close up view of the work on the west mast.  The platform is located at the top of the KOFY antenna that they just finished installing. These shots are looking northwest.
A close up shot showing the newly installed KOFY antenna and the crew platform on the west mast and the KBCW 45 antenna on the south east mast across from the platform.
Note that the platform has moved down the mast to the bottom of the KOFY antenna in this photo.
This photo taken from my living room window on August 28 shows the bottom half of the KPIX/KRON/KTVU antenna that was installed today, and the KOFY antenna that was installed yesterday.
This photo by Bob Hofert, KTVU Fox 2 Engineering Supervisior, shows what the antennas looked like up close on August 28.  Half of the KPIX/KRON/KTVU antenna is mounted on top of the mast and the KOFY antenna is mounted on the side. 
August 29:

The following photos were taken by Bob Hofert, KTVU Fox 2 Engineering Supervisior:

The top half of the KPIX/KRON/KTVU antenna is ready to be hoisted up the tower.
The top of the antenna showing the flag, the beacon and the pulleys used to hoist it and keep it away from the tower during the trip to the top of the mast.
Up it goes!

This is the operator and the winch that hoisted the antenna to the top of the tower.
Photos from Larry's living room window:
The top half of the KPIX/KRON/KTVU antenna nears the top of the west mast.
Here is a series of photos showing the progress of the crew in installing the top half of the antenna as seen from the living room window.

Looking up from near the base of the tower on September 1.
Note that the gin pole is still attached to the west mast.
Photo by Falcon 77
This photo shows the two completed masts on Sutro.  Shown are the southeast mast with the antenna for KGO 7 at the top left and the KBCW 45 antenna below it and the west mast with the combined antenna for KPIX 29, KRON 38 and KTVU 44 at the top right and the KOFY 19 antenna below it.  Photo by Ken Erickson

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