Tomato Plants


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I took on an interesting project for the summer when I purchased two
tomato plant kits.  The kits included three small plastic pots each, three
blocks of dirt that expanded when water was added, and three packages
of tomato seeds.  I planted the seeds in the small pots on March 22, 2012.

These first two photos show our new tomato plants as seen on March 31,
just nine days after the seeds were planted.  They're growing fast!

This shows all of the plants in their small pots just before
being transplanted on April 11.  They are 20 days old.

Here are some of the tomato plants after being transplanted.

This photo was taken on April 21, 9 days later.

These are the tomato plants that are planted in boxes
in the living room.  This photo was taken on April 21.

The tomatoes in the living room are growing fast.
This photo was taken just 6 days later on April 27.

Here's a view of the plants in the living room on May 12.

Here are the tomato plants that are growing outside as seen
on May 12.  Note how much smaller they are compared to the
plants growing inside where the temperature is much warmer.

These are the plants that didn't get planted in the living room or outside.
They were placed in larger pots and remain in the kitchen window
above the sink.  This photo was also taken on May 12.

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