Tomato Plants


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Photos of my tomato plants continued:

Here are the first tiny tomatoes that were
spotted on the living room plants on June 29.

The living room plants have grown a lot, as seen here on June 29.
They have grown quite tall, but they aren't very bushy.

Here are the kitchen plants as of June 29.

Here are two shots of the tomato plants that are out in the yard as seen on June 29.

These plants haven't grown as tall as the ones in the
living room, but they're more healthy looking.

Here's a status update on the tomatoes as of August 1.

The living room plants have grown tall but with skinny stems.

We have a total of 7 tomatoes on the living room plants.
Four of them are shown here.

The first one that we spotted on June 29 is turning red!

Another view of the tomato turning red later in the day in the sunshine.

We have had lots of flowers, but many have not developed into tomatoes, as shown here.

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