Plants and Flowers, Spring 2012

Part 1

Here is another set of photos of our plants and flowers.
These were taken around our home in the Spring of 2012.

These first two photos are our new tomato plants as seen nine days
after the seeds were planted on March 22nd.  They're growing fast!

See a separate Tomato Plant Page for a series of pictures
showing how our tomato plants progressed during the year.

Now we go to the back yard. These are our camellia trees in full bloom.

This photo shows our two new redwood boxes.  The empty one is for tomato plants.  The tall
plants are chinese evergreens with spider plants around them.  The green leafy plant on the
corner is stella de oro and you can see heliotrope and our new azalea in the background.

The new empty redwood box for tomatoes and a nice shot of the heliotrope and new azalea.

This is looking back toward where the previous two photos were taken.
The plant in front with the yellow spotted leaves is the croton polka dot plant.

A close-up shot of our new azalea.

This is the tree that I found growing in the agapanthus last year.  In a pot it has grown
to over seven feet tall, so I have transplanted it into the last available garden space.

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