Two Day Trip Around Northern California

April 19 - 20, 2012

We set out for a two day driving trip on April 19,
driving up through Marin, Sonoma and Napa
Counties.  We saw lots of vineyards, like these.

We also saw lots of echium, lupine, wild mustard and California
poppies along the way.  I wanted to take pictures, but there
was no place to pull off the road.  We did stop at a dam at the
southeast corner of Lake Berryessa and took some pictures.

Next we headed north and took a look at Sutter Buttes, a 2100 foot mountain
sitting in the middle of the flat Central Valley farm land north of Sacramento.

We then headed for Oroville.  We found a nice motel room
then headed north six miles to Table Rock Preserve.

Sorry to say, most of the wild flowers we'd heard about were
gone, but we did find some pretty lupine still blooming.

This is a huge oak tree at the entrance to the Preserve.  Note
how large it is compared to me standing next to it.

It had a very large trunk, as you can see here.

We headed out into the Preserve to check out the many small flowers
that were still there.  Here's Bill with that huge oak tree behind him.

Here are some shots of the scenery and the small wildflowers
we found.  Note the lava rock seen across the landscape.

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