Digital Television
DTV - HDTV Channel List

San Francisco Bay Area
(within 100 miles of San Francisco)
Listed by Transmitter Channel

The only analog stations remaining are low power and translator stations.  They are not listed here.

See "Notes" below for an explanation of the header information.

If re-pack channel # = 0 - Station has chosen to end broadcasting and will soon be going off the air.

If re-pack channel # = ? - Future channel assignment not known for this low power station.   This information will be updated when available.         

City of
and Notes TVMiddletownMt. St. Helena32946 L - CMCU     
2.345.32.3 CMC     
2.445.42.4 Hosanna     
2.545.52.5 GOD TV     
2.645.62.6 Daystar
2.745.72.7 AUN     
2.845.82.8 Lifehak     
2.945.92.9 KQSL     
2.1045.102.10 Korean     
2.1145.112.11 The Walk     
2.1245.122.12 Audio: Broken FM     
2.1345.132.13 Audio: Blank TVMorgan HillMt. Chual32438 L - CMCU     
2.345.32.3 CMC     
2.445.42.4 Hosanna     
2.545.52.5 GOD TV     
2.645.62.6 Daystar
2.745.72.7 AUN     
2.845.82.8 Lifehak     
2.945.92.9 KQSL     
2.1045.102.10 Korean     
2.1145.112.11 The Walk     
2.1245.122.12 Audio: Broken FM     
2.1345.132.13 Audio: Blank Grove31673 H - L Telexitos     
3.333.43.3 Light TV TVSan FranciscoMt. Tamalpais32178 - L - CMCU CMC Hosanna GOD TV Daystar AUN Lifehak KQSL Korean The Walk Audio: Broken FM Audio: Blank     
4.138.1?K04QRShoppingEspartoSE of Folsom0.3482 L TVSan RafaelMt. Tamalpais32178 L - CMCU     
4.312.34.3 CMC     
4.412.44.4 Hosanna     
4.512.54.5 GOD TV     
4.612.64.6 Daystar
4.712.74.7 AUN     
4.812.84.8 Lifehak     
4.912.94.9 KQSL     
4.1012.104.10 Korean     
4.1112.114.11 The Walk     
4.1212.124.12 Audio: Broken FM     
4.1312.134.13 Audio: Blank TVHealdsburgSonoma Mt.0.3338 L - CMCU CMC Hosanna GOD TV Daystar AUN Lifehak KQSL Korean The Walk Audio: Broken FM Audio: Blank     
7.111.1?K07ZK?MontereySE of Monterey0.1105 L FranciscoSutro Tower23.81703 H - T - Live Well HD     H
7.57.312.5 LAFF TV Peak20.62493 H - ABC     H Estrella TV FranciscoMt. Diablo0.222835 L - H - Grove331958 H - M - PBS PBS World V-me Grove28.62008 H - Justice Network   
10.310.310.3 Heroes&Icons   
10.410.410.4 Quest   
11.112.1?K11WPDove TVSan FranciscoMt. Tamalpais.0392156 L -
11.212.2? CMCU     
11.312.3? CMC     
11.412.4? Hosanna     
11.512.5? GOD TV     
11.612.6? Daystar
11.712.7? AUN     
11.812.8? Lifehak     
11.912.9? KQSL     
11.1012.10? Korean     
11.1112.11? The Walk     
11.1212.12? Audio: Broken FM     
11.1312.13? Audio: Blank     
12.311.113.3KNTVNBCSan JoseMt. San Bruno103.11236 H - M -
12.411.213.4 Cozi-TV Mt. San Bruno   
12.548.319.3 Telemundo Mt. San Bruno   H Peak19.752362 H Oso.4211788 TVSalinasFremont Peak5.742267 H - L of San Andreas5001821 H KTFK-UniMas Walnut Grove   H
18.319.318.3 Bounce TV S of San Andreas   
18.419.418.4 Escape TV S of San Andreas   
19.119.1?KMBYHereos&IconsTempletonMt. Toro15687 L
19.219.2  Telexitos    EstrellaTV
19.319.3  Daystar
19.419.4  Rev'n     
19.519.5  Retro TV     
19.619.6  Home Shopping     
19.320.10KOFYIndependentSan FranciscoSutro Tower5681601 H - (To share with KCNZ 28)
19.520.2  This TV     
19.620.6  Vietnam     
19.720.4  CRTV     
20.316.1?KSCZAsianGreenfieldMt. Allison3.61964 L
20.416.5? blank     
20.516.7? Asian     
20.616.9? Asian of Lincoln4.7259 L AmazingFacts     
20.327.320.3 3ABNProclaim     
20.427.420.4 3ABNLatino Grove5451988 H LAFF TV     
22.122.1?KLFB3ABNSalinasMt. Toro3.492651 L
22.222.2  3ABN Latino     
22.322.3  3ABN Proclaim     
22.422.4  Best Buddies Mtn.2992068 H PBS Create     
23.322.35.3 NHK World     H Sacto4.5279 H - L UniMas     H
23.323.334.3 Bounce     
23.423.434.4 Escape TV Grove10002021 H - Decades Peak81.12292 H KQED+-PBS     H
25.325.325.3 PBS World     
25.425.425.4 PBS Kids TVSanta RosaNE of Santa Rosa2879 L - CMCU     Off the air due to fire
26.327.326.3 CMC     
26.427.426.4 Hosanna     
26.527.526.5 GOD TV     
26.627.626.6 Daystar
26.727.726.7 AUN     
26.827.826.8 Lifehak     
26.927.926.9 KQSL     
26.1027.1026.10 Korean     
26.1127.1126.11 The Walk     
26.1227.1226.12 Audio: Broken FM     
26.1327.1326.13 Audio: Blank Grove8501952 H KUVS-Univision S of San Andreas   H
26.364.326.3 Get TV Walnut Grove   
26.464.426.4 Grit TV Walnut Grove   
27.127.1?KYMBME-TVMontereySE of Monterey8.41290 L
27.227.2  MGM-This     
27.327.3  Get TV     
27.427.4  Buzzr     
27.527.5  SBN     
27.627.65  ZUUS Country Sac'to15285 L - ONTV4U     
27.38.327.3 SBN     
27.48.427.4 HomeShopping     
27.58.527.5 Liquidation     
27.68.627.6 HOT-History Of TV     
27.78.727.7 Color Bars     
27.126.10KTSFIndependentSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno8581323 H - (to share with KDTV 51)
27.226.2  Diya TV     
27.326.3  MOC     
27.426.4  Blank     
27.526.5  VietToday TV     
27.626.6  YSTV TVChicoSutter Butttes152142 L - CMCU     
28.328.328.3 CMC     
28.428.428.4 Hosanna     
28.528.528.5 GOD TV     
28.628.628.6 Daystar
28.728.728.7 AUN     
28.828.828.8 Lifehak     
28.928.928.9 KQSL     
28.1028.1028.10 Korean     
28.1128.1128.11 The Walk     
28.1228.1228.12 Audio: Broken FM     
28.1328.1328.13 Audio: blank TVSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno151243 L HomeShopping     
28.328.321.3 Kids     
28.428.721.7 Evine     
28.528.1521.5 Country     
28.650.621.6 KEMO-Azteca     H
28.720.1421.7 KOFY     H
28.820.1321.8 This TV     
28.932.721.9 KMTP     
28.1032.821.10 KMTP RosaN of Calistoga3.72697 L KFSF-UniMas     
28.328.321.3 Get TV     
28.428.421.4 Escape TV     
28.133.1?KMMWTelemundoStocktonS of San Andreas151831 H - L
28.233.3  Telexitos     
28.333.4  Light TV FranciscoSutro Tower10001679 H - Decades FranciscoSutro Tower10001679 H - KQED+-PBS     H
30.39.330.3 PBS World     
30.49.430.4 PBS KIds     
30.1154.130.11 KQED+-PBSSan Jose    H - (KQEH sharing with KQED)
30.1254.230.12 KQED-PBS     H
30.1354.330.13 PBS World     
30.1454.430.14 PBS KIds of Rio Linda15410 H - L
31.233.319.2 Telexitos     
31.333.419.3 Light TV Toro462487 H CW     
32.346.332.3 Ion     
32.350.10KEMOAztecaSanta RosaMt. St. Helena503051 H - (To share with KCNZ 28)
32.450.2  QVC     
32.550.3  QVC Plus     
32.650.4  Evine     
32.750.5  LifeLocks     
32.350.10KEMOAztecaSanta RosaSutro Tower2001549 H - (To share with KCNZ 28)
32.450.2  QVC     
32.550.3  QVC Plus     
32.650.4  Evine     
32.750.5  LifeLocks Peak8.972431 L
33.333.367.1 KSMS UniMas     H - (KSMS sharing on KDJT)
33.533.567.3 KSMS LATV     
33.332.10KMTPNews-ArtsSan FranciscoSutro Tower4801696 - (To share with KCNZ 28)
33.432.2  Blank screen     
33.532.4  Blank screen     
33.632.5  ARTS     
33.732.6  KPOP-Music     
34.134.1?KACADaystarModestoW of Ripon10440 L - H Tower3701634 H KDTV-Univision     H
34.366.334.3 Bounce TV     
34.466.434.4 Grit TV     
34.566.534.5 Justice Network Grove10001900 H - M - MeTV JoseMt. Allison12.11959 H - L - Live Well HD     H - L
35.37.335.3 LAFF TV     L
36.336.136.3KICUIndependentSan JoseMonument Pk7402251 H - M
36.436.236.4 KEMS-Korean    KEMS
36.536.336.5 CCTV     
36.636.436.6 Heroes&Icons     
36.736.536.7 Light TV     
38.138.1?K38JPMonterey Cty Ed.SalinasMt. Toro152254 H - L
38.238.2  Blank Sky Link TVSan FranciscoSutro Tower10001679 H - MyNetworkTV GetTV Grit TVSalinasMt. Toro152418 L SBN     
39.338.328.3 Light TV     
39.438.428.4 Bounce TV     
39.538.528.5 Grit     
39.638.628.6 Escape     
39.738.728.7 Spanish ? FranciscoSutro Tower10001679 H Sino TV     
39.342.132.3 KTNC-Informercials     (KTNC sharing on KCNS)
39.538.532.5 NTD-TV     
39.638.332.6 VieTV    
39.742.232.7 KTNC-Informercials     (KTNC sharing on KCNS) Grove10001972 H Antenna TV     
40.340.322.3 MGM - This     
40.440.422.4 TBD-TV     
40.340.1?KMMCVaultSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno141283 L
40.440.2? KPOP-Music     
41.365.133.3KKPXIonSan JoseMt. San Bruno10001371 H - M
41.465.233.4 Qubo     
41.565.333.5 Ion Life     
41.665.433.6 Shop TV     
41.765.533.7 HomeShopping     
41.865.633.8 QVC     
42.151.1?KMSXReligionSacramentoW of N. Highlands15449 L's OnSanta Clara-San JoseMt. Allison151916 L - V - GEB America     
42.31.322.3 VietPho     
42.41.422.4 VietBay     
42.61.622.6 Net Viet     
42.81.822.8 CTV-USA     
42.91.922.9 U Channel     
42.101.1022.10 Infomercials     
42.111.1122.11 HaileTV     
42.121.1222.12 Net V     
42.131.1322.13 Blank     
43.360.127.3KCSMEducationalSan MateoSutro Tower5001678 H
43.460.227.4 France 24     
43.560.327.5 Jazz TV Tower10001680 H - M - LATV     
44.52.331.3 Movies!     
44.62.431.4 Buzzr     
45.143.1?KAHCLAFF TVSacramentoDowntown15130 L
45.243.2  Comet TV     
45.343.3  Cozi TV     
45.443.4  LCHD     
45.543.5  QVC     
45.643.6  QVC Plus     
43.745.7  Tuff TV FranciscoSutro Tower10001611 H
46.143.1?K46LGAztecaMontereyFremont Peak152247 L
46.243.2  Azteca 2     
46.343.3  Jewelry TV     
46.443.4  Azteca 4 Grove6001903 H Movies!     
46.358.323.3 EstrellaTV     H - EstrellaTV
47.168.10KTLNTLNNovatoBurdell Mtn.10001319 (To share with KAXT 42)
47.268.2  Jewelry TV     
47.368.3  Color Bars     
47.468.4  U_Channel     
47.147.1?KFMSAltavisionKeyesDowntown Sac'to15? L
47.247.2  Fostivo     
47.347.3  Cheddar     
47.447.4  Infomercials     
47.547.5  Infomercials     
47.647.6  Newsmax Grove10001604 H Qubo     
48.329.321.3 Ion Life     
48.429.421.4 Shop TV     
48.529.521.5 QVC     
48.629.621.6 HomeShopping     
48.733.221.7 Telemundo     
48.32.1?KTVUFOXSan JoseMonument Pk3.52100 H - L -
48.42.2  LATV     
48.52.3  Movies!     
48.62.4  Buzzr     
49.149.1?KSAOBlackSacramentoSE of Folsom10.3344 L
49.249.2  Retro TV     
49.349.3  Buzzr     
49.449.4  ?     
49.549.5  REVN     
49.649.6  SBN     
49.749.7  Country     
49.348.119.3KSTSTelemundoSan JoseMt. Allison2572257 H - M
49.448.219.4 Telexitos Mt. Allison   
49.511.319.5 KNTV - NBC Mt. Allison   H
49.149.1?KZHDNorth Bay TVSanta RosaNE of Santa Rosa1341 H - L
49.249.2  Vision Mundial FranciscoMt. Allison4762300 H - KFSF-UniMas     H
51.314.320.3 GetTV     
51.414.420.4 Escape TV     
51.551.520.5 Audio     blank


Repack Channel is the channel number that the station will transmit on after the channel changes are made in the Spring of 2020. (0 = Station has chosen to end broadcasting and go off the air; ? = Future channel assignment not known for this low power station.)

Transmitter Channel is the channel number the station presently transmits on.

Virtual Channel is the channel to which the signal is aliased.  A signal transmitted by the station causes this number to be used on viewers' sets.  Stations are required by the FCC to use their former analog channel number as their Virtual Channel since viewers are familiar with that numbering system and station identification. 

Station sub-channels:
Several programming sub-channels can be transmitted on each digital television channel. To distinguish a station's sub-channels, decimals or dashes are added after the channel number - for example 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, or 7-1, 7-2 and 7-3. Most tuners will not show any digital signals at all until you've had the tuner do a "scan", and if a station has made changes in its lineup, many tuners will not show those changes until you scan again.

Some tuners show stations with the actual transmitter channels but most tuners only show stations on their virtual channels.

All tuners will show all of a station's sub-channels. If you receive the station well enough to receive any one of its sub-channels, you'll see all of the sub-channels. For the transmitter channel, some tuners may not show sub-channels on the same sub-channel numbers that appear on the virtual channel. Some stations do not begin their sub-channels with .1 on their transmitter channel, so you may find nothing on .1 or .2 and find sub-channels on .3 and above.

General notes:
Knowing transmitter channels is important when you select antennas, coax, and preamplifiers, since virtual channels are meaningless when you design your antenna and signal distribution systems.

Clicking on the call letters of a station in the list above will take you to that station's records on the Federal Communications Commission site.

The television band now consists of channels 2 through 51. When the repack is complete in 2020, the television band will consist of only channels 2 through 36.
Channels 2 through 6 are Low VHF.
Channels 7 through 13 are High VHF.
Channels 14 through 51 are UHF.

VHF signals propagate more readily than UHF signals, so VHF stations need to transmit with less power to cover the same area.

The actual frequencies of the various channels can be seen on the CSG Network Television Frequency Table.

Abbreviations in headers:
ERP = Effective Radiated Power
HAAT = Height Above Average Terrain
H - Transmits in High Definition
L - Low Power or Translator Station
M - Transmits mobile DTV
S - Secondary Transmitter - Distributed Transmission System
T - See notes below for special information for this station
V - KAXT has FCC approval to use channel 1 for its virtual channel
X - Station has gone off the air
Major San Francisco sites are in red.
Major Sacramento site is in green.

Data on this page was compiled by:
   Larry Kenney, WB9LOZ, Retired engineer, KGO/ABC

There are very active HDTV forums on line for the Bay Area and the nation.
Visit our Broadcasting Page for links to them -

These charts will be updated as required.
Last updated on April 5, 2018.

Accuracy is not guaranteed but is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Larry Kenney
Corrections are welcome

San Francisco Bay Area-Sacramento-Monterey Digital Channel Lists:
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    (This list does not have sub-channel information for each station.)

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