Around Home and Plants and Flowers, Winter 2014

Larry celebrated his 70th birthday on January 5, 2014.

Bill reading at his computer

Beautiful sunset as seen from our
livingroom window on January 9th

Our flowering plum trees bloomed two to three weeks ahead
of schedule this year due to warmer than normal temperatures.
We had several sunny days in late December and in January
where the high temperature was between 65 to 72 degrees.

After a weekend of rain, February 7-9, our sidewalk
was covered with blossoms from the plum trees.

Here's a overview of all our trees

l to r: Strawberry, Sugar Maple, Flowering Plum,
California Pepper, and, on far right, Flowering Plum

Our first camellia blossomed on January 24th

A look at our yard on February 9th.  I've forgotten the name of the
plant in front with the spotted yellow leaves, but it keeps growing
beautifully.  Those are flowering Chinese Lantern plants in the back.

Another view of the Chinese Lantern plants with Spider plants below.

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