Tomato Plants

2014 - Page 2

From May until late July flowers blossomed on the tomato plants, but
they just dried up and never produced any tomatoes.  Then, in late July,
I spotted a tomato!  Then, a few days later, a couple more were seen,
and after a few more days another one showed up!  We now have four!

We jump ahead to August 15 and here's an overall view showing how
the plants have grown. Even the plant that had its stem broken has
started to grow new greenery, as you can see here on the lower left.

Here are the four tomatoes that have grown up over the past couple of weeks.

Out of focus close up

A week later I spotted another tomato, so now we have a fifth one!

There are lots of blossoms on the plants,
so we hope that we'll soon see more tomatoes.

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