Tile Work 2011

In March, 2011, we had the tile work in our kitchen and bathroom
recaulked where needed, cleaned and resealed. Here are the results.

Here you see the repaired tiles around the sink and the cleaned counter
top.  All of the cracked tiles were replaced, all of the tiles and grout
were cleaned and the surface sealed with a special preservative.

This is the rest of the counter top, our kitchen table, ivy plant, and the
ficus tree we were given by a neighbor who was moving out of town.

The floor tiles and grout were scrubbed clean. Now you can see the
checkerboard pattern of the two different colors of the tile.

The old carpet was removed and all of the tiles here in the bathroom
were cleaned, grout was checked for any bad places, and they caulked
all around the edges of the tub and shower and along the wall.
(Looks like I need to clean the soap scum off of the shower door!)

Finally, here's our new toilet and a look at the cleaned and repaired
tile work in our small toilet room.  The new toilet works great!

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